Course Catalog

Course Catalog

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Additional Courses

To be considered a full-time student, students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 classes per semester (sophomores, juniors and seniors) and 7 classes per semester (freshmen). Students may choose to take a class at the Career Developement Center (CDC) and/or at their school of residence on a space available basis (if the course is not offered through St. Vrain Online Global Academy), and these courses will count toward the minimum number of classes required for full-time enrollment.

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Title Subjectsort descending
AP Art History Electives--Fine Arts
Art History and Criticism Electives--Fine Arts
Creative Photography I Electives--Fine Arts
Guitar I Electives--Fine Arts
Music of the World Electives--Fine Arts
Theatre, Cinema, and Film Production Electives--Fine Arts
AP Human Geography Electives--General
AP Psychology Electives--General
College and Career Readiness Electives--General
Critical Thinking and Study Skills Electives--General
Forensic Science Electives--General
Global Studies Electives--General
Journalism I Electives--General
Law Studies Electives--General
Leadership Skills Development Electives--General
Psychology Electives--General
Reading for College Success Electives--General
Social Media I Electives--General
AP Computer Science A Electives--Practical Arts
Computer Programming I Electives--Practical Arts
Dave Ramsey's Foundation of Personal Finance Electives--Practical Arts
Foundations of Web Design Electives--Practical Arts
Introduction to Information Technology Electives--Practical Arts
Parenting Skills Electives--Practical Arts
Personal and Family Finance Electives--Practical Arts
AP English Language and Composition Language Arts/English
AP English Literature and Composition Language Arts/English
English I/English I Honors Language Arts/English
English II/English II Honors Language Arts/English
English III/English III Honors Language Arts/English
English IV/English IV Honors Language Arts/English
English IV: College Prep Language Arts/English
Advanced Algebra with Financial Applications Mathematics
Algebra I/Algebra I Honors Mathematics
Algebra II/Algebra II Honors Mathematics
AP Calculus AB Mathematics
AP Calculus BC Mathematics
AP Statistics Mathematics
Calculus Mathematics
Geometry/Geometry Honors Mathematics
Liberal Arts Mathematics Mathematics
Math for College Readiness Mathematics
Pre-Calculus Mathematics
Fitness Lifestyle Design Physical Education/Health
Health Opportunities Through Physical Education Physical Education/Health
Life Management Skills Physical Education/Health
Personal Fitness Physical Education/Health
Anatomy & Physiology/Anatomy & Physiology Honors Science
AP Biology Science
AP Environmental Science Science
Biology/Biology Honors Science
Chemistry/Chemistry Honors Science
Earth Space Science/Earth Space Science Honors Science
Marine Science/Marine Science Honors Science
Physical Science/Physical Science Honors Science
Physics/Physics Honors Science
AP Macroeconomics Social Studies
AP Microeconomics Social Studies
AP United States Government Social Studies
AP United States History Social Studies
Economics with Financial Literacy/Economics with Financial Literacy Honors Social Studies
United States Government/United States Government Honors Social Studies
United States History/United States History Honors Social Studies
World History/World History Honors Social Studies
Chinese I World Languages
Chinese II World Languages
Chinese III World Languages
French I World Languages
French II World Languages
Latin I World Languages
Latin II World Languages
Latin III World Languages
Spanish for Spanish Speakers I World Languages
Spanish I World Languages
Spanish II World Languages
Spanish III World Languages