Art History and Criticism

In this course students will understand the political, cultural, and religious changes throughout history that are depicted within art. This course is an opportunity for students to reflect on how art was and is used as a vehicle to communicate, depict political and religious propaganda, and serve as evidence of cultural shifts and changes. Students will be challenged to contemplate the connection between art and context through reflective writing assessments and Discussion-Based Assessments. Students will build upon knowledge throughout the course and understand how art reflects and communicated cultural change and evolution. Students will develop critical skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation in this course by analyzing historical documents, working in a thematic context, developing proficiency in note-taking, free-response writing, and solving problems. Students will demonstrate their skills through participation in extended collaborative projects.

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Course Subject
Course Number
Grade Level
10, 11, 12
Course Duration
2 segments
Course Credit
1.0 Fine Arts