Individual Career and Academic Plan

ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan)

All Colorado students are REQUIRED to complete an ICAP – Individual Career and Academic Plan. 

What is the ICAP?

The purpose of the ICAP is to assist students and their parents/legal guardians in exploring the post-secondary career and educational opportunities available to the student, aligning coursework and curriculum, applying to post-secondary education institutions, securing financial aid and ultimately entering the workforce.

ICAP is a multi-year process, one that will span the lives of students who are now in middle and high school and that will continue into adulthood.  By adopting research-based best practices and by revamping our knowledge for developmentally appropriate ICAP activities with secondary students, Colorado’s schools and districts now focus on a meaningful process which results in a plan.

ICAP must include:

  • Career and college interest surveys,
  • Written postsecondary and workforce goals, intermediate benchmarks and data reflecting progress toward those goals,
  • scores on assessments,
  • experiences in service learning and/or work environments,
  • activities that establish connections between school-based instruction and the world of work,
  • an intentional sequence of courses that reflect progress towards the postsecondary goal
  • academic progress,
  • college application(s), a resume, or alternative work-based applications,
  • an understanding of the financial impact of life after high school, including an education


ICAP High School Quality Indicators:

Self-Awareness: Understand how one’s unique interests, talents, and aspirations play a role in decision-making and interpersonal relationships and how individual thoughts and feelings get students excited about life and learning.

Career Awareness: Know the difference between jobs, occupations, and careers. Articulate a wide range local regional of local regional, national and global career pathways and opportunities. Consider economic and cultural influences and the impact of stereotypes on career choice.

Postsecondary Aspirations: Participate in career exploration activities centered on students’ passions, interests, dreams and visions of their future self and perceived options.

Postsecondary Options: Be aware of and participate in a variety of postsecondary and career opportunities. Use tools such as career clusters, personality assessments and learning style inventories to highlight individual strengths and capabilities.

Environmental Expectations: Consider how school, family, community, culture and world view might influence the students’ career development and postsecondary plans.

Academic Planning: Apply the skills and knowledge necessary to map out and pass the academic courses required to achieve postsecondary goals.

Employability Skills: Define, develop and hone skills that increase the likelihood of becoming and remaining successfully employed and civically responsible citizens.

Financial Literacy: Recognize personal financial literacy and financial aid topics and vocabulary and know what options are available to pay for postsecondary. Understand and articulate personal financial literacy concepts, the cost of postsecondary options and apply this awareness to the postsecondary career and academic planning process.



Whether your plans include college, the military, or going to work, you can get a jump-start on planning for a successful transition from high school to your future by updating the goals and milestones each academic year in your ICAP.

Remember to log into your Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) at to explore all your options.  

To log into your ICAP account, students need to follow these steps:
  1. Go to
  2. Log in on the right hand side under the blue SIGN IN with the following information:

     Account name: svbergam.scott18 (sv + your svvsd district username login)

     Password:  sv123456 (sv + your svvsd 6 digit student number)

Inline image 1
Under the CAREER PLANNING tab, you will learn:
  • About yourself, your interests, and the basic skills you already have that can transfer over into your future dream job
  • How to explore various aspects of any career including earnings, career outlook, and the amount and type of education required for any career of interest to you 
  • How to build a variety of resumes using several different forms and templates
  • How to practice and prepare for a job interview by learning practical interviewing skills
  • How to prepare a job application
  • How to find jobs and internships
  • How to set goals for yourself that are specific to your success
Under the HIGH SCHOOL PLANNING tab, you will learn:
  • How to succeed in high school
  • How to develop a plan of study in high school to prepare for post-secondary education and careers
  • What you need to be doing each year of high school to prepare and plan for your post-secondary success
  • The admissions requirements to attend colleges and universities throughout Colorado
Under the COLLEGE PLANNING tab, you will learn:
  • Which courses to take in high school to meet the college entrance requirements of the school(s) you might want to attend
  • How to find colleges and universities that best suit your career goals 
  • How to find programs and where they are offered in your major area of study
  • How to succeed on the ACT and/or SAT with free test prep help
  • How to apply for several colleges using one application
  • How to be recruited by colleges
Under the FINANCIAL AID PLANNING tab, you will learn:
  • How to understand the financial aid process
  • How to calculate the cost of attending a post-secondary college or university
  • Where to find scholarships you might be eligible to apply for
  • How to build a financial aid plan specific to your needs
  • How to manage your money and avoid huge debt after college
  • How to apply for the College Opportunity Fund (COF) to quickly and easily reduce your in-state college tuition expenses
Under the YOUR PORTFOLIO tab, you can: 
  • Review your Individual Career and Academic Plan any time you update it as you progress through the Career Planning, High School Planning, College Planning, and Financial Aid Planning exercises throughout your high school career.  The ICAP is specific to each individual student and can be accessed and updated at any time 24/7, 365.
  • Update your profile and access any topic or feature available to you throughout the web site
  • Journal about your college and career planning experiences
  • Track your ICAP personal milestones and update the items you need to complete annually
  • Get Snapshots of your portfolio work frozen in time