Angela LaGrange

In 1994 I was in 3rd grade in an overcrowded school. My classroom was a portable unit next to another portable unit vandalized the previous summer. Ms. Patterson, my teacher, took this negative situation and completely turned it around. We used the vandalized portable for tons of classroom activities. Our double wide classroom went from a medieval castle to the marshes of Egypt and beyond. By the end of 3rd grade Ms. Patterson convinced me to be a teacher!

Fast forward to 2007.  I am graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University ready to teach! But it took some time. I worked as a tutor, substitute teacher, and PE assistant, until 2011 when I was hired as a mathematics teacher. In the classroom rushing students through the course when I knew they weren’t ready was frustrating. This is why I love online teaching. In the online classroom every student is on their own schedule. There is no pressure from the “rest of the class.” Each student is in charge of their personal education! My advice to all online students is simple. First, take responsibility for your education. No one can make you learn but you. Second, keep communication with your teachers. We are all here to help you succeed.

When I’m not teaching, my husband and I spend time watching shows on DVR and taking care of our garden and animals. My favorite show is MTV’s Ridiculousness. We have over 30 edible plants, a butterfly garden and much more. Our home is shared with 4 cats and our giant Rottweiler. I also volunteer with a local shelter so you never know when a new litter of bottle-baby kittens will be added to the bunch.

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