Dan Kaser

Mr. Dan Kaser lives in Sarasota, Florida, with his lovely wife Kathryn, a spoiled snauzer named Poquito, a ring necked parrot named Bella, and a Pug that thinks she is a princess. He grew up in South Bend, IN, and sought his education from the Cincinnati Christian University, and the University of Cincinnati. He has a bachelor's degree in Biology. He then obtained a Masters degree in Education from the University of Indiana.

He has been teaching high school science classes since 1995, and teaches for several colleges as an adjunct professor in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

The best advice I can give an online student is to stay with it, and treat the online class as if it were a regular face-to-face class in school. Pick a time every day to work in the class, the same time every day. You would be surprised how much more quickly and how much easier the class is when you apply yourself in that manner. If you do a little every week, or every other week, the course becomes tougher to comprehend and frustrating that it takes so long to get through. 

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