Jeanna Whiting

Jeanna Whiting has been a teacher with Florida Virtual Global School for five years but has been teaching for 11 years.  Wow, time flies!  She teaches English 2 and 3, AP Art History, and AP English Literature for FLVS but also teaches Humanities at a local college in Tampa.  She loves doing both.

Mrs. Whiting has her bachelor’s degree in English Literature and her master’s degree in Humanities, which is the study of literature, art and music.  As you can see, she loves art in all of its forms.  That’s one of her passions.  Her husband is a music teacher and a classically trained guitarist.  She has three children ages 20, 18 and 16.  The one in the picture (the girl) was recently married in November and lives in Kauai, HI.   Her middle daughter is heading off to college in Kentucky in January, and her youngest, the only boy, is a junior in high school and a swimmer. 

Florida is where she calls home.  She loves the beach, the sunshine and the beauty of nature that surrounds her every day, from the mossy oak trees to the flocks of migratory birds that visit for most of the year here.  She is an avid yoga enthusiast.  Her favorite place to practice is on the beach or at the park.  She also loves going biking, standup paddle-boarding, kayaking, running. . .You get the idea.  Anything that she can do that involves water and the outdoors, she is all for it.  She also loves travel, and last summer got to spend some time on a road trip out west to visit Yosemite National Park, hiking and camping along the way.  What a beautiful place!

The best piece of advice she can offer to online students is to not be hesitant to call your teacher when you need help.  That’s why we’re here, to help you, and that’s why we chose this job, to teach you.  So pick up the phone and call us.