Marti Dayton

My name is Marti Dayton.  I was born in Brooklyn, New York.  I went to high school in Vermont and attended college in several places up and down the east coast.  I live in Ellsworth, Maine. I have been married for 28 years and have three wonderful children.  I have two daughters and a son.   My two daughters are 27 and 25, and my son is 10.   My oldest daughter is a social media manager for a rather large company and my youngest daughter is a full time streamer.  My son, being only 10, has his hands full going to school and helping me with our pets.

 I have lots of pets.  I have many chickens (17 of them to be exact),  a desert gecko (Azari), and the coolest cat (Yeti) ever.  Unlike most cats, my cat likes the water and thinks she is a dog, as she comes running when I call her and loves to play fetch.

I am a lover of the outdoors.  I love kayaking, camping, fishing, tubing (in a river and in snow),  cross country skiing, and going for peaceful hikes in state parks.  When inside, I love woodworking, wood burning, doing puzzles and I love to make jams, jelly, pickles and sauces.  I can a lot of fruit and vegetables that I grow in my garden. I alsoreally like doing any kind of arts and crafts and participating in craft fairs with my son.

I also really like sports.  As a younger person, I was a competitive fencer.  I love foil fencing!  Now that I am older, I really enjoy watching different sports competitions such as Baseball and Football games, Winter X-Games, the Olympics, Tennis, and Soccer.  My favorite teams are:  NY-Yankees, NY-Giants, and UF-Gators.

I have been teaching now for 19 years.  I have taught in the brick and mortar setting for about 12 of those years, teaching math and science, to 6th graders all the way up to the University level.  I have been an online teacher for the past 7 years and that by far has been my favorite way to teach.  It allows me to work with my students and really help them where they need help.  It also provides me with an opportunity to help my students be successful in courses that helps them accomplish their academic goals.  I definitely have more one on one conversations with my virtual students than I had with my traditional students….and because my students have my contact information, many of them stay in contact with me and share with me their accomplishments and life successes long after completing my course.  That is probably the most rewarding aspect for me!