Melissa Palmer

    I love teaching online!  Every day is different and every student makes them fun.  I have been working with FLVS for 11 years.  Every year I get different courses to teach.  I have taught all levels of Spanish and all kinds of social studies classes.  It is fun to have the variety of courses and be able to have some different topics to work on during the day.  I love that I can work from home and be a mom but also work with students and share some of the things I love about history and Spanish with them.  One of my favorite things about teaching online is that I can always wear slippers to work :)

     I have a great family.  My husband and I have been married 18 years and have moved 12 times!!  He is a former college basketball coach so we have been able to live in different states from Oregon to Ohio and many places in between.  We grew up in Montana and are living in the Northwest again.  Even though I grew up in Montana, I don't know how to ski, probably because I don't like to be cold.  We have 2 children. Our family loves to hike, travel, cheer for my team, watch movies, scrapbook, and visit hot springs.  I also LOVE yummy drinks (hot or cold) and ice cream.  I have a goal to visit every Spanish speaking country.  So far, I have been to 5 so I still have a long way to go!  I also want to attend the HUGE city-wide tomato fight that happens every year in Spain. The festival is called La Tomatina.

     We love college sports in my house.  We cheer for the Boise State Broncos because that is where my husband and I got our first degrees.  I have a master's in Educational Technology from Boise State and that is where my online teaching journey began.  Most people know Boise State from the blue football field, and it really is even greater in person than on tv.

     I talk to many successful online students every day.  Some of the things they all have in common are that they have a schedule that they stick to every week.  The best way to keep yourself organized is to have a schedule whether it be which classes they work on each day or what time of the day they work on them.  They also stay in good contact with their instructors.  They call, text, and email when they have questions or when their teacher contacts them.  We love our students and love hearing from you.  We are able to help you better when you are talking to us.