Advice from the Graduating Class of 2017

Congratulations to the Class of 2017.  Download photos from the Graduation Ceremony held on May 26, 2017.

Interested in learning more about becoming a SVOGA student?  Advice from the Class of 2017. . .

  • "Make sure you are ready to work independently."  --Samantha B.
  • "My advice is to to it, and get it done ASAP." --Dakota C. 
  • "My advice would be to never hesitate if you're even thinking about changing schools because if you didn't want to, you wouldn't have thought about it.  Follow your heart and mind!" --Emilly C.  
  • "Self-motivation.  It may seem easy at first, but at times it can be hard to sit down and finish your assignments.  It's all on you to do it." --Sydney C.  
  • "I would say that you need to be self-motivated at SVOGA because otherwise you'll fall behind.  But, it is a great way to earn credits fast and at your own pace." --Amber. D. 
  • "You have to have a plan at SVOGA.  Personal responsibility is the biggest facor of success in this environment." --Ryan G.  
  • "You simply have to dedicate yourself to this."  --Jason H.  
  • "The advice I would give someone thinking about going to SVOGA is make sure you have the motivation to finish school.  Online school is hard so make sure you are able to handle it." --Korrie H.  
  • "Try it." --Karissa K.
  • "The advice I would give someone considering doing online would be to not procrastinate on DBA's.  Just get them done." --Lauren L.
  • "The advice I would give would be (a) set a schedule to complete assignments and stick with it; (b) do not procrastinate; and (c) utilize all the resources that are available." --Thomas M.  
  • "If there is some sort of barrier (no matter what it is) that is affecting your ability to attend school full-time, I would highly recommend SVOGA.  They put attention on all their students and truly care about their success." --Maisa N.  
  • "I would just say to stay on top of your work and make sure you are getting your weekly percent done." --Natalie O.  
  •  "Just do your work." --Robert O. 
  • "Stay on pace and complete courses on schedule." --Shane R.
  • "Advice I would give someone thinking about going through SVOGA is that it takes a lot of self-motivation.  It is definitely not as easy as someone would think it is.  If you are choosing this school thinking it is an easy out, you are wrong.  If you stick to your classes and work hard, you can easily finish way quicker than you would be able to through other schools." --Alexis R.  
  • "Always make consistent progress.  Get into a routine." --Andrew T. 
  • "It's a great place but stay focused so you don't have to rush everything at the end." --Shantel T.