Online Education--Neither Quick or Easy

An online education is not easy or quick, and when it is all said and done, it is still school.  And, unfortunately, there isn’t any way to tell whether or not a student will be successful in the online environment.  Over the last five years, my counselor and I have met with every student who has applied to become a student at SVOGA.  But, many of the students and parents don’t hear what is said in our interview with them.  While an online high school provides a student with flexibility in terms of when and where a student can work on courses and also provides a student with an opportunity to work at their own pace, a student still has work to do and have a daily time frame in which to do it.

The single driving force behind whether a student will be successful in the online environment is motivation.  Students without motivation in a brick and mortar environment are not going to find motivation just by coming to an online school.  Students looking for an easy way to get through high school (a lack of motivation) are not going to be successful.  Online courses are NOT easy.  They require the ability to read, comprehend, and write.  Students who are truant in a brick and mortar environment will find themselves truant in the online environment. 

Students who are successful at SVOGA, first and foremost, want a high school education but for a variety of reasons have been unable to attend a brick and mortar high school.  These students might have an illness that keeps them from school, they may have a family situation that prevents them from going to school during the normal school day, they may be an actor or an athlete, or they may be traveling out of the country. 

What all of these students have in common, however, is motivation to finish their high school education.  They are individuals who are strong independent workers, have good self discipline, have time management skills, and are able to communicate with peers, teachers, and other adults both face-to-face and in written form.


SVOGA successful students understand the Sam Parker concept of “Crossing the Line” (  They understand that they have a goal (earning a high school diploma).  They understand that there will be challenges and setbacks as they pursue their goal.  They understand that there is no easy way to reach their goal.  But, SVOGA successful students:

  1. Choose to commit
  2. Choose to work hard
  3. Choose to focus
  4. Are resilient

The minimum commitment we expect from every student is to complete four classes a semester or the equivalent of one class every 4.5 weeks.  However, students who complete ONLY 4 classes in a semester or 8 classes in a year will require a litttle over 6 years to get through high school.  To graduate in 4 years, a student needs to complete and pass 6 classes each and every semester.  Is this possible in the online environment?

Absolutely!  We have students who are on track and continue to stay on track to do just that.  But, their primary focus is school!  They choose to commit and work hard on that goal and to stay focused and motivated.