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The course description  book contains information about high school requirements and courses (with descriptions) that are offered at St. Vrain Online Global Academy.  Click on the link to access the 2018-19 Course Description.

Course Description Book

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To be considered a full-time student, students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 classes per semester. Students may choose to take a class at the Career Developement Center (CDC), the Innovation Center and/or at their school of residence on a space available basis (if the course is not offered through St. Vrain Online Global Academy), and these courses will count toward the minimum number of classes required for full-time enrollment.

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Title Subjectsort descending
AP Art History Electives--Fine Arts
Art History and Criticism Electives--Fine Arts
Creative Photography I Electives--Fine Arts
Guitar I Electives--Fine Arts
Music of the World Electives--Fine Arts
Theatre, Cinema, and Film Production Electives--Fine Arts
AP Human Geography Electives--General
AP Psychology Electives--General
College and Career Readiness Electives--General
Critical Thinking and Study Skills Electives--General
ELL Success Electives--General
Forensic Science Electives--General
Global Studies Electives--General
Journalism I Electives--General
Law Studies Electives--General
Leadership Skills Development Electives--General
Leadership Skills Development II Electives--General
Psychology Electives--General
Social Media I Electives--General
AP Computer Science A Electives--Practical Arts
Dave Ramsey's Foundation of Personal Finance Electives--Practical Arts
Digital Information Technology Electives--Practical Arts
Foundations of Programming Electives--Practical Arts
Foundations of Web Design Electives--Practical Arts
Parenting Skills Electives--Practical Arts
AP English Language and Composition Language Arts/English
AP English Literature and Composition Language Arts/English
English I/English I Honors Language Arts/English
English II/English II Honors Language Arts/English
English III/English III Honors Language Arts/English
English IV/English IV Honors Language Arts/English
Advanced Algebra with Financial Applications Mathematics
Algebra I/Algebra I Honors Mathematics
Algebra II/Algebra II Honors Mathematics
AP Calculus AB Mathematics
AP Calculus BC Mathematics
AP Statistics Mathematics
Calculus Mathematics
Geometry/Geometry Honors Mathematics
Liberal Arts Mathematics Mathematics
Math for College Readiness Mathematics
Pre-Calculus Mathematics
Fitness Lifestyle Design Physical Education/Health/Electives
Health Opportunities Through Physical Education Physical Education/Health/Electives
Life Management Skills Physical Education/Health/Electives
Personal Fitness Physical Education/Health/Electives
Anatomy & Physiology/Anatomy & Physiology Honors Science
AP Biology Science
AP Environmental Science Science
Biology/Biology Honors Science
Chemistry/Chemistry Honors Science
Earth Space Science/Earth Space Science Honors Science
Marine Science/Marine Science Honors Science
Physical Science/Physical Science Honors Science
Physics/Physics Honors Science
AP Macroeconomics Social Studies
AP Microeconomics Social Studies
AP United States Government Social Studies
AP United States History Social Studies
Economics with Financial Literacy/Economics with Financial Literacy Honors Social Studies
Personal and Family Finance Social Studies
Personal and Family Finance Social Studies
United States Government/United States Government Honors Social Studies
United States History/United States History Honors Social Studies
World History/World History Honors Social Studies
Chinese I World Languages
Chinese II World Languages
Chinese III World Languages
French I World Languages
French II World Languages
Latin I World Languages
Latin II World Languages
Latin III World Languages
Spanish for Spanish Speakers I World Languages
Spanish I World Languages
Spanish II World Languages
Spanish III World Languages
Spanish IV Honors World Languages