Dallin Wright

Science Engagement Specialist
Staff Department
Academic Support

My name is Dallin Wright and I am excited to be the designated haver of nerdy (Scientific!) conversations as I help y'all with Science (and Math) here at St. Vrain Online Global Academy!

I graduated from Utah State University in 2013 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Minor in Chemistry. During and after my undergraduate education I have had the opportunity to work in an entomology research lab where I learned more about ecology and insects than I ever thought I would know! To this day, I have to catch every lady beetle I see to check if it’s an invasive species. (They mostly are.)

Later, I worked at an environmental testing lab in Arvada where I tested soil and water samples for contaminants like diesel fuels. That allowed me to transfer to another branch of the same company located in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington DC (I lived 8 miles from the white house!) where I worked in a mold laboratory receiving mold samples from home inspectors and reporting on what they had growing.

In December 2016, I returned from Virginia to become a high school teacher. Since then I’ve been a substitute teacher here in St. Vrain School District and in Poudre School District, I student-taught Biology and Chemistry at Fort Collins High School, and I have earned my Master’s Degree in Education and Human Resource Studies from Colorado State University. 

On the days when I’m not working at SVOGA I am teaching Chemistry next door at Olde Columbine High School.