Diploma and Graduation

Students will receive the same St. Vrain Valley School District diploma as any full-time student would who attends one of our brick and mortar comprehensive, traditional high schools. Students must earn a minimum of 24.5 credits to graduate (File IKF: Graduation Requirements)

A St. Vrain Online Global Academy Diploma may be earned and awarded in December or May of each academic year based on when graduation requirements are completed.

St. Vrain Online Global Academy and the St. Vrain Board of Education recognizes the value of a comprehensive high school program and emphasizes its dedication to the encouragement of academic excellence. Therefore, St. Vrain Online Global Academy shall consider early graduation (File IKFA: Early Graduation), for students at the end of 7 semesters only if they meet the following criteria: (1) Accrual of credits required by the Board of Education; (2) No grades below a "C"; and (3) Attainment and/or other personal considerations, which in the judgment of the principal/superintendent or designee are outstanding.